Watercolour and how to use it in design

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Doing some research and some inspiration hunting I found that watercolour have been trending in the design world. The reason for this, I have found, that the water effect, the texture and the imperfect-on-purpose look and feel have become very popular.

I have found this trend show up in logo design, business cards, web design, book covers and packaging.

Below are some examples of where watercolour have been incorporated into design:

I also found a few tips and tricks for watercolour and how to make it work in design.

1# Use colours that work together, remember the colour theory. (Monochromatic, analogous, complementary, etc.)

2# Limit your design to three colours

3# Choose a focal point or the design will start to feel visually overwhelming.

4# Don't get caught up in trying to make your design look perfect, there is no such thing as perfect work, only finished work.