Layouts in InDesign


To practice with with layouts and grids in Adobe InDesign I found an interview online to experiment with a large amount of text. The aim is to make it eye catching and easy to read.

I created a grid of three columns and laid out the text to fit on the one page I then added an imagine.

I thought the font wasn't working, too plain and boring.

I changed the text from Arial to Alegreya Sans for the body text and SignPainter HouseScript for the title.

I also made the font smaller.

It's known that magazines have their body text no bigger than 9pt, any bigger and it will look as if it was aimed for children more than adults.

This is another layout which the text at 9pt which allowed me to make the imagine to take over two columns.

With these two, I wanted to spread it over two pages so it left more room for the text the spread out and breath. I was able to make the title bigger which allowed me to experiment with how the words are set.