Digital vs Print

Both digital and print have their pros and cons but the real challenge with both these industries is trying to maintain and build an audience as well as producing content that is engaging and relevant. Over the past few years, the digital age has made a major impact on how business is done and how consumers are engaged. However, in the age-old battle of print versus digital, why is it that print still comes out on top?

A couple of reason for that is:

People like engaging with print materials

Print can truly captivate readers

A good example of this argument is with books.

E-books vs Printed books.

It is said that in 2018 e-book sale had gone down whereas physical book sales had risen.

At one point there was a fear that e-books were taking over, but luckily physical books are making a come back.

My view on e-books and printed books -

I like both of them. E-books are handy and more portable without carrying the weight of physical books. They are great for travelling especially those that read a lot of books quickly.

But physical books have a nice feel while reading them, and lot of people like the smell of books new or old. I also feel physical books have a lot more value than e-books.