Adobe Illustrator - Image Trace

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Process - Window > Image Trace > Expand once happy with results.

I hand drew lots of different pictograms and illustrations using pencil and different thickness of pens. I played around with shapes and fonts, all linked with my chosen zodiacs. I then scanned them into the computer so I was able to place them into Adobe Illustrator.

Once I followed the process to image trace my own drawings I then had the flexibility to experiment with my drawings.

I didn't like the outcome of a couple of my drawings even after changing parts. I tried to make a pattern style with the zodiac symbol. but the drawing style and the design itself isn't working for me.

But there was two that I really liked and felt I didn't need to doing anything to them. I think they work as illustrations more than pictograms as they have some character to them. You can see that they are hand drawn but the give off the right feel for the zodiac. For the just the sting, I thought it was best to keep with the work scorpio as if left on its own it wouldn't be clear what it's meant to be.

With these drawings, I thought I'd experiment with colours, layers and maybe mixing them to make one design. I liked the outcome of these, they are interesting and original. They have a nice feel of flowing water which links well to the water bearing zodiac sign.

I also wanted to experiment with colours and layers to create something interesting and different which I feel i did with pisces and drawings of fish.

Again with these, I felt I didn't need to do much work to them, but I do feel these aren't as good as the other zodiac outcomes when trying image trace. I did feel I could expand on the drawing on the left and create it into a pattern.

I think this is a great way to bring your drawings to life.