Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Doing some research and some inspiration hunting I found that watercolour have been trending in the design world. The reason for this, I have found, that the water effect, the texture and the imperfect-on-purpose look and feel have become very popular.

I have found this trend show up in logo design, business cards, web design, book covers and packaging.

Below are some examples of where watercolour have been incorporated into design:

I also found a few tips and tricks for watercolour and how to make it work in design.

1# Use colours that work together, remember the colour theory. (Monochromatic, analogous, complementary, etc.)

2# Limit your design to three colours

3# Choose a focal point or the design will start to feel visually overwhelming.

4# Don't get caught up in trying to make your design look perfect, there is no such thing as perfect work, only finished work.

I came across these designs playing with shapes to creating interesting patterns. I then found them is Computer Arts magazine. They talk about the the branding style of QORE and how the gold finishes it off. From the example above, you can see the difference the gold makes. Although, without the gold, the patterns are interesting on their own but adding the gold gives it a bit more texture and makes it pop a lot more.

In the image below, the magazine talks to the designers, Truf Creative, about how they came to the end design. QORE thought symbolism was important to them and should be part of their banding.

I came across this design and really liked the look of it. It has lot a texture to it. There's a textured background with scraps and different shades of colour. It looks like ink illustrations have been layered over the top as if it's coming out of the texture. The water reflection effect makes it look dark and rainy.