These are my chosen final pictograms. I picked these because they stood out to me.

I wanted to pick designs that matched with each other and this was the style that I felt worked with each zodiac sign. I aimed to keep them simple but obvious that they are based on four of the zodiacs, Aquarius, Scorpio, Pieces and Aries.

These calendar pages were designed in Adobe InDesign. These are based on the zodiac months rather than the normal calendar month set up. I used my illustrations I used for the card designs for this brief as I feel these were the best and I like how they work as a set.

I thought the colours and the illustrations will make a successfully professional looking calendar.

I changed the design of Aquarius so that the whole fountain can been seen. I also think it has made the spraying water stand out more.

Font used: Alegreya Sans

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

These are my chosen illustration designs. I really like how these have turned out. I feel I picked the right font for the design and the colours go well for each design as well as with each other. I have managed to fit the text in snug with each illustration.

I thought it was a great idea to line the water drops with the text. The dot for the 'i' fits in the flow of the spray.

All four illustration were designed in Illustrator then taken into Photoshop which then colour was added and overall design came together. These designs were also printed as cards.