Photomontage has become a popular method to create strong messages to create awareness or stating an argument. It’s known to be used for politics where people create imagery to make harsh jokes and statements about truth that isn’t getting heard.

I wanted to try a show the confusion of Brexit and thought using the joiner photography technique would work to make the artwork confusing and strange making people look twice at it. I also noticed there was a lot comments about all the funny and strange photos of Theresa May, so I thought I’d put them all together and rearrange them as a joiner.

I experimented with different versions using blend modes on Photoshop with the two flags, EU and UK.

Process -

- Image>Adjustments>Threshold

- Select>Colour Range (Pick the dark shade in image)

- Copy and paste selected parts.

- I then put the copy and pasted image on a white background.

- Created a colourful layer

- Turn colourful layer into clipping mask.

- Using a paint spatter brush and the eyedropper tool, I went round the image adding splashes of colour that matched that selection on the image.

I did this to help learn more about Photoshop and try the expand my creativity.

The image of the geese is my own photo I had taken.

I experimented with a handful of tools to create these pictograms/illustrations.

- Paintbrush tool

- Blob Brush tool

- Twirl tool

- Shapes

- Pen tool

- Type

- Strokes

- Profiles

- Colours

I really like the outcome of these, each one different but at the same time clean and clear of what they are meant to be.